Since 1997 I have been involved organizing music and dance events, which I enjoy doing in great moderation. These include five basic areas:

  1. A weekend music event: Brattleboro-based Fiddle Weekend with concerts of nationally-known and local musicians and workshops for fiddlers - 1997
  2. Organizing the Brattleboro Dawn Dances, held twice a year. I'm part of a committee which has been putting on these all night dance events since 1998. I also am part of the committee that runs the Brattleboro Ball in November, a special annual event for English Country dancers.
  3. Producing Concerts - I've been asked by the booking agents for Alasdair Fraser, Liz Carroll, and John McCutcheon to put on concerts in town for these artists. I've arranged the venue and accommodations, done the publicity, hosted the event, etc. In all cases these are artists whom I have known personally over the years--a key factor that has influenced my decision to do this work.
  4. Organizing Dance Weeks for CDSS and Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp. My first venture in organizing a dance week was to help Mark Luther launch his first Rocky Mt. Fiddle Camp in 1999, a camp which has continued since then and been supremely successful. I also ran American Dance and Music Week at Pinewoods Camp for CDSS (2 years) and English & American Week at Buffalo Gap and Timber Ridge for CDSS (4 years). Running a dance and music week entails hiring the staff, planning the program and schedule, and being on site during the week to oversee (and play for) the week's activities.
  5. Organizing a Dance Musicians' Week at Pinewoods Camp for CDSS (2 years). This week involved planning and implementing a program for up to 15 musicians who wished to learn more about playing for dancing. Over the years of being at dance and music camps, I have had quite a lot of experience working with musicians to become better dance players. For more information go to Teaching under the heading My Music and scroll down the page to the heading, Workshops.
  6. Producing CDs - Over the past ten years or so, I have helped the Producer at the mixing stage for some of the Boston CDS English Country Dance CDs that Bare Necessities has played on. I also co-produced "Good Friends - Dances of Gary Roodman" by helping Gary set up and run rehearsals, plan the music, assess the recording takes, and assist in the mixing at the recording studio.

If there is something in one of these categories that I can help you with, please get in touch with me.