wedding band

When I began playing traditional music in 1977, my original focus was on playing for dances. Single events became dance weekends, then dance and music weeks run by organizations like the Boston Centre Country Dance Society and Augusta Heritage Arts Festival and Fiddle and Dance. I began to teach at home and at camps, first individual fiddlers, from beginning to advanced, both children and adults, then to run band workshops at the music and dance camps I was hired for. In time I was asked to help organize these weeks, hire the staff, plan the program and run the event. And then there has been recording, where Iíve learned how to optimize a studio experience, prepare for it, do the arrangements and understand the ins and outs of recording and mixing. I have logged many hours in the recording studio by now and always find this experience challenging and interesting. I was asked to put on a fiddle festival in 1997, and the success of that motivated me to accept other requests to produce concerts here in town. I am very protective of my time to perform and record and am extremely selective about what concerts I produce.