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My own recordings are self-produced and reflect my love of couple dance music from many parts of the world, from different traditions and time periods. All pieces are meant for both dancing and listening and are chosen for their special beauty, passion, and evocativeness. Musicians whom I’ve worked with over the years play on these albums with the result that there are delightful and varied arrangements, rich instrumentation, as well as stellar musicianship throughout.


cd cover: gypsy wine

15 Romantic Dances

Mary Lea and Friends

  1. La Mangave (musette waltz)
  2. Gypsy Wine (one-step)
  3. Bethena (Ragtime waltz)
  4. El Viejo Vals (Argentinian waltz)
  5. Smithy Hill (blues one-step)
  6. Carinito (Venezuelan waltz)
  7. Schottis fr. Enviken / Schottis fr. Harjedalen
  8. la Pecocita (Mexican polka)
  9. Hora din Campie (Rumanian tune)
  10. Half and Half (5/4 waltz)
  11. Youkali (tango)
  12. Valse des Niglos (musette waltz)
  13. la Partida (Venezuelan waltz)
  14. Mid the Pyramids (Ragtime one-step)
  15. Eilean Beag Donn A’Chuain ( Scottish waltz)

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Imagine you are having dinner and wine in a charming cafe in Europe with someone special... This music could well be playing in the background: romantic dance tunes from around Europe as well as South America and the U.S.


Mary Lea
violin and viola
Peter Barnes
piano, flute
Thomas Bartlett
Mary Cay Brass
David Cantieni
Ralph Gordon
Russell Horton
John Kravitz
Steve Leicach
Colin McCaffrey
Jeremiah McLane
Keith Murphy
Jeanne Morrill
Steve Procter
Pete Sutherland
Bill Tomczak
clarinet, saxophone
Mark Trichka

What do they say about this album?

"I recently heard selections from your Gypsy Wine CD on 89.3, WPNE Green Bay WI. My dad is a ballroom dancer and I think it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him." – A. Karnopp, WI

"Gypsy Wine is fabulous—Monica and I just can’t stop waltzing! Thank you, thank you and keep up the great work. The music is totally infectious; you can’t not dance to it. I hope it sells a million—I’m hereby calling on my dance teachers to help get the word out and order this wonderful CD for their students to purchase, and support the best damn dance musicians around! (this is a totally unsolicited endorsement, by the way)

Spread the word— Benjurin Cassady, Dance Teacher, WA

"Your CD arrived Saturday….I love it Mary. What is so great is that you bring together all of these musical voices, and that you use them to bring these wonderful under-used dances into the presence of dancers. Just that aspect of the CD is a great contribution, but then to have you all play so well just really takes it over the edge and makes it an invaluable asset to dancers everywhere. All of the group leaders around the country should use this to bring their classes to life!" – Ken MacFarland, dance leader and tour director, AK