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For all bookings please contact me directly by email (marylea at
or by telephone (802) 257-1571.

I often find that a discussion by phone is the easiest way to determine what music and musicians work for the event, as well as what the fees will be for musicians, sound reinforcement and travel. Be sure to include your phone number in any email correspondence.

If a bio, press release or photos are needed, please consider the short biography below. More extensive information is contained on my Home page or on My Music page.

Short Bio or Press Release

Mary Lea is a Brattleboro-based fiddler with a worldwide reputation for playing a wide range of dance music. Performing dance music since 1978, Mary is a founding member of Bare Necessities, known here and abroad as the benchmark of English country dance music. Her musical versatility and wide ranging musical interests are reflected in the variety of bands she plays with, which include, besides Bare Necessities: Cilantrio (English Country dance and couple dance music), Trio Piquante and Crazy Quilt (contra, English, couple dance, etc.). In the past 35 years, Mary has toured extensively throughout the United States playing for concerts, dance weeks and weekend events. She has performed with Bare Necessities and other bands in England, Canada, Scotland, Czech Republic, Greece, France, Egypt and Ecuador. Besides producing 3 solo CDs of couple dance music, Mary has played on at least 30 others, including 18 by the band, Bare Necessities. Also an experienced teacher, she has run workshops for musicians, produced concerts and organized and run dance and music weeks over the years.

Please contact Mary Lea or call (802) 257-1571

Publicity Photos

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Bare Necessities
Bare Necessities press photo
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Peter, Paul and Mary
Peter Paul and Mary press photo
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